The Honeyed Wellspring

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This is a power packed course designed to help you launch the project or idea that’s been rumbling around in your soul, waking you up in the middle of the night, or shimmering around the edges of your consciousness as you go about your everyday life.

It’s about working with the seen and unseen worlds to bring forth your next project, business, or gift the world is calling for. It’s about embodying confidence, communication, guidance, direct contact with soul helpers, and love. It’s about creating abundant income that is sustainable, aligned with your values, and feels awesome. It’s about bringing the rare and ordinary beauty that is singularly Yours.

The Details:

  • 8 weeks beginning April 9th 2018.
  • Weekly individual coaching sessions with Daniela.
  • Weekly group calls with cohort colleagues, Daniela, and guest mentors.
  • Original & artful worksheets, templates, and business development tools that combine practicality and beauty, to fill your pocketbook and soul. You gain access to proven methodologies AND materials that are handcrafted to specifically fit your unique idea, temperament, and needs.
  • $1,600: Payment plan, gift economy options, and sliding scale available. Goal of beginning to earn back your investment within the span of the course and earning it back entirely within one year of completion.
  • Deposit $300, due by March 15th to hold your spot. $200 of this is refundable up until April 1st.
  • Come ready with your Project Idea + Goals, arrived at with Daniela in individual prep session. Prep session can include brainstorming blast on how to fund your course participation, if desired.
  • Participation is by invitation only, meaning that if you are interested, please contact me and together we will determine whether this particular offering is the best right fit for you.