Teens & Parents

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I specialize in working with teens on their own, as well as teens and parents whose relationship feels difficult, explosive, or strained. I see adolescence as a time of incredible change, creativity, and insight, and I believe that our culture has a lot to learn from the truth-telling and emotions that our teens are expressing. I also believe we have a collective responsibility to help our young people come into their own gifts and resilience, in a time and culture that can be especially confusing or challenging. I have run a youth nonprofit for over 10 years, which you can learn more about here: Movimiento


Are you angry or sad or overwhelmed? Do you want a future that is fulfilling, enjoyable, and meaningful? Do you disagree with your parents? Do you want to get out of your hometown and explore the world? Do you identify as queer or questioning or LGBT? Are you having trouble in school? Are you a minority living in a mostly white community? Are you confused? Do you feel on top of the world but want some extra support? Have you experienced a trauma…something like abuse or having someone die or something however seemingly small that really affected you? Have you been in love or gone through a breakup? Are you experiencing racism? Are you exploring a new religion or faith? Are you in conflict with parents, step-parents, or other adults? Are you using drugs and alcohol to feel “ok” or motivated or happy? Do you want to get out of a situation you’re in? Do you love life and want to relish it?  Maybe some of these apply to you, or maybe there are other questions you’re working with. If so, I might be able to help.


Are you at a loss? Do you love your teen but struggle with how to set expectations that are respected? Do you find yourself saying or yelling things at your teen that you later wish you hadn’t? Do you feel out of control? Do you wonder how things got this way? Do you want to talk with your teen but can’t seem to figure out how, especially when he or she explodes or shuts down? My sessions for teens and parents can offer a place where you both feel heard and respected and where you gain practical tools and hope for a better relationship.

Parent Support Groups & Workshops

Parent support groups and workshops: Growing Home Counseling and Movimiento periodically offer parenting workshops for parents of teens. These workshops include psycho-education, practical exercises, and opportunities to hear from teens who have come through the other side of major challenges, including conflict with parents. Please inquire for more information and to request a group or workshop.