Prenatal & Postpartum

I offer prenatal and postpartum counseling for women and families surrounding the momentous changes in identity, roles, and relationships that can accompany childbirth. My work uses a combination of techniques, including the Peterson Childbirth Method. Developed by Dr. Gayle Peterson, this research-based counseling practice can help you navigate the changes, emotions, cultural pressures, and personal history involved in the milestone of giving birth. This method is connected with increased ability to adapt to the power and flow of the labor process as well as to lower risk of postpartum depression.

Pregnancy and childbirth are hailed in our culture as a time of blissful joy, bonding, and love-as-never-felt-before, accompanied by minor challenges or inconveniences. While this assessment may accurately reflect the experiences of some mothers and fathers, it also ignores and silences the other aspects of new motherhood—like prenatal and postpartum depression and anxiety—that can feel unexpected, abnormal, isolating, and shameful. If you are feeling crazy, desperate, sad, wildly emotional, scared, or are having disturbing thoughts you cannot control, know that you are not alone and that there is help available.