Alma Miel Horsemanship

Born of a lifelong kinship with and love for horses, Alma Miel is an emerging project that encompasses my various ways of working with and learning from horses.

Horses are phenomenally generous and patient, giving us humans the gift of presence and honesty, while co-regulating with us and helping our bodies and minds release traumas and transform stuck patterns within us.

Their love and great-heartedness require that we humans bring our highest capacities, integrity, nobleness, and humility to our interactions with them, as they deserve nothing less.

When horses and people come together, beautiful and unexpected things can happen that uplift both the equine and human beings.

In this spirit, Alma Miel offers:

  • Equine assisted healing and therapy
  • Colt starting and mustang adoption support
  • Horse-human connection, play, learning, and fun