The individuals with whom I work are self-reflective people who are looking for support with a challenge, issue, or question they are facing. The issues I most frequently address include depression, anxiety, parenting, diversity/racism, relationship challenges, phase of life changes, existential questions, grief, trauma, and addiction.

I am trained and certified in EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, an effective and research-based technique for healing trauma, resolving traumatic memories in the body, and re-patterning neural pathways in the brain that are no longer serving well as coping mechanisms. “Certification” in EMDR is a designation that goes beyond being “trained,” requiring extensive additional experience, consultation with seasoned EMDR practitioners, and approval from EMDRIA (EMDR International Association).

I have training in nutrition as it relates to mental health, and I speak Spanish so can offer sessions bilingually.

While therapy is often considered an inward or individualized process, I think it is important to hold our individual work in the context of our greater communities and culture. Growing Home is dedicated not only to inward work but also to social justice and action in the world. As a culture, or collection of cultures, we find ourselves urgently needing to address the active legacies of racism, injustice, and systemic oppression that affect us all, whether through poverty, shame, ignorance, rage, or despair. It is my hope that the deep one-on-one work we do together in the office will have an impact that will positively affect our families, communities, environment, and world.