Coaching & Consulting

Grow Your Gift Consulting

Fun NEW offerings + whole new consulting website coming soon!

In the meantime, visit my starter instagram page for updates and hints as to what I’m up to.

Currently, I offer professional consulting in:

  • Starting a successful project, business, or nonprofit organization.
  • Managing a group of people or organization.
  • MFT Interns: finding or creating an internship you love.
  • MFT Interns and Licensees: starting a thriving private practice.

And coaching in:

  • Achieving financial flow and goals.
  • Doing work you love and that gives you the sustenance you need.
  • Spiritual questions and transformation.
  • Turning a specific challenge or roadblock into opportunity and growth.
  • Parenting and mentoring teenagers.
  • Simplifying lifestyle, giftivism, unhooking from consumer economy.
  • Navigating emotions and responses to climate change and transition times.

Coaching is proactive, present- and future-focused, and designed to help you transform challenges, invite in your most desired life, and accomplish any goals you’d like to set for yourself.