Coaching & Consulting

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Grow Your Gift Consulting

I offer professional consulting in:

  • Starting a successful project, business, or nonprofit organization.
  • Managing a group of people or organization.
  • MFT Interns: finding or creating an internship you love.
  • MFT Interns and Licensees: starting a thriving private practice.

And coaching in:

  • Achieving financial flow and goals.
  • Doing work you love and that gives you the sustenance you need.
  • Spiritual questions and transformation.
  • Turning a specific challenge or roadblock into opportunity and growth.
  • Parenting and mentoring teenagers.
  • Simplifying lifestyle, giftivism, unhooking from consumer economy.
  • Navigating emotions and responses to climate change and transition times.

Coaching is proactive, present- and future-focused, and designed to help you transform challenges, invite in your most desired life, and accomplish any goals you’d like to set for yourself. Coaching is different from therapy in that it is not designed to heal past trauma or look deeply into the origins of your current patterns. But it’s effective, fun, and efficient, and we can connect from anywhere via phone or Skype.