Daniela Di Piero, LMFT #88547

(530) 270-7841

Nevada City & Grass Valley CA Therapist

I think finding the “right” therapist for you has to do with feeling good about that person, having a sense that being in their presence is enlivening and healthy, even when you’re working with something uncomfortable or difficult. I’m delighted to have three wonderful therapists now part of Growing Home, expanding our field of offerings.

As for me, I’m a mother, wife, traveler, crafts-person, former high school teacher, and for the past 15 years have run a nonprofit working with young people. I received undergraduate and Masters degrees from Brown University, as well as a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Meridian University. If you come in for a session, you might occasionally catch me with dirt under my nails from growing food, making pottery, or riding horses.

I combine Psychodynamic and Somatic Psychology approaches with Solution-Focused approaches. What does this mean? Psychodynamic “depth” approaches tend to be more long-term and focused around understanding ourselves and our pasts, where our patterns come from, and how we make meaning of our lives. They are relationship-based, meaning that the therapeutic relationship is one venue for exploring our “stuff,” and they can include things like dream-work, therapeutic imagery, myth, story, shamanic practices, and ancestral healing. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy, and Life Coaching techniques are more in-the-moment, pro-active approaches that emphasize problem solving and changing the way we think so as to change the way we feel. My work is trauma-informed and trained, and I frequently incorporate somatic(body)-based trauma healing modalities such as Brainspotting, EMDR, mindfulness, and body centered hypnosis. I am also fascinated by ongoing developments in neurobiology, entheogen research, and all the ways that nutrition and the biochemical terrain in our bodies affect our emotions and mental health. I am certified in EMDR, trained in Brainspotting, and integrate trauma processing/transmutation whenever appropriate.

Hayley Schmidt, AMFT #116214


Deciding to seek therapy takes courage and strength. My goal as an Associate Marriage
and Family Therapist is to empower each client with a greater understanding of the
connection between their mind and body, the relationship between their background and
way of thinking, and to focus on their strengths.  As a therapist, I prioritize being
attentive and present. I am passionate about this important life work and it is my goal to
provide an unconditional positive setting for each and every client.
I have experience serving adults and adolescents working through life transitions,
depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and self-esteem issues. I integrate a variety of
evidence-based treatments into my work including EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral
Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness. I am also a certified Motivational
Interviewing counselor.
I earned my B.A degree from Northern Arizona University in Anthropology and I have
previous work experience as a special education instructor and have served as a school
counselor. Although I grew up in the Midwest, I moved to California to be close to the
mountains. While I enjoyed working as a Park Ranger and Naturalist Guide in the
Sierras, my greatest passion is to serve others as an Associate MFT, so I completed my
M.A degree at the Wright Institute in Counseling Psychology.

Galyn Burke, Associate MFT


I specialize in helping adolescents, adults, couples, and families who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma resolution. From day one, I am transparent with my clients about how their brains work (using biological neuroscience) and why I am asking them to engage in a certain exercise or dive into a specific aspect of their past. Knowledge is power and my goal is to empower my clients to not only reach their goals in therapy but to develop the insight, wisdom, and skill necessary to enhance all aspects of their lives.

Because each one of us is complicated and unique, to best meet the individual needs of each client, I integrate multiple, therapeutic modalities in my practice. That said, I find that I most frequently draw from Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness in my work with individuals and Emotionally Focused Therapy in my couples and family work.

Meg Lear, Associate MFT


I’m an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, art therapist, yoga instructor, creativity researcher and women’s empowerment leader. My approach is a collaboration with my clients rooted in humanistic, somatic and other evidenced-based practices. I believe that you are the expert of your life; my job is not to “fix” you, but to journey alongside you on your path to self-discovery. I have extensive experience working with a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, addiction. I specialize in the treatment of trauma and PTSD and am trained in EMDR.

I support individuals in various stages of transformation and offer a compassionate, trauma-informed approach to help integrate the mind-body. I use a variety of healing practices such as: mindfulness, art therapy, yoga, eco therapy, ancestral healing and dream-work. I come from a strength based philosophy and I operate under the guiding principles of unconditional acceptance, compassion and the belief that we all intrinsically move toward health and wholeness.